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Our mission at Bright Buddies is to create everyday physical and digital products
for children with developmental disabilities that are educational, therapeutic, practical,
consciously made and affordable, with the goal of enhancing their quality of
life and supporting the needs of their families. We are dedicated to children with
special needs and providing them with solutions that are calming, comforting and
engaging so that they can be the brightest versions of themselves.

meet the buddies!






We speak their language.

While some children
communicate through words and sounds, others prefer to express themselves through images and feelings


It’s not always easy to stay focused.

Keep your children safe and calm with our practical products

Social Interactions

Playtime is important

Our products keep your children safe and comfortable, while creating opportunities for them to engage playfully with their friends and family.

our products

  • Research-based ingredients/products/solutions
  • Specially-formulated for children with special needs
  • Therapeutic ingredients for sensitive children
  • Designed for children with developmental disabilities
  •  Special ingredients to enhance a child’s sensory experience